Covid19 Plan



This page is for information about how we are adapting to account for the current situation in Covid-19. As of Sunday 5th July we are open to the public with booking available via our website. We have separated the bar into sections which can be booked for 2.5 hour slots. Once this timeframe ends we will ask everyone to leave and clean for 30minutes before the next sitting. We have had a big glass screen fitted (thanks to Rollings Glass) to keep it safe to sit at the bar and to be served. There are hatches in the glass and this is where your drinks will be passed. We will serve the two end seated areas to avoid crowding at the bar. Booking fees will be deducted from your tab at the end of the sitting. All customers will only be asked to pay on leaving to minimise contact.You will be asked to leave if intoxicated or not following social distancing rules.


should you wish to use the facilities in the bar we ask you get there via passing as few people as possible, we will advise your best route when seated, this may include going out and around to Beulah Street to avoid passing people sat at the bar. In the toilet we have replaced the towels with disposable paper towels. We have also placed disinfectant for your use should you wish however the toilets will be cleaned regularly.


All staff and customers have access to PPE, hand sanitising stations are close to both entrances too, please use these on entering the bar. We advise not to wear a mask whilst drinking as touching the outside of the mask to pull it down can risk contamination of hands and therefore cause more spread. We want you to be comfortable though so leave this decision with you, you will not be asked to remove your mask in any circumstance other than to verify age for ID purposes. Staff will pass your drinks with gloves or washed hands and will change gloves or wash hands between each customer. Dirty glasses will be taken with gloves and will be put directly into the glass wash.

We hope you enjoy being back in the bar and hope that you feel safe, if there is anything further you would like to see done please do not hesitate to contact us.

Collection and delivery will still be available.